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Our goal is to keep students and staff safe, and our COVID procedures are evolving as Omicron spreads. 


All students and staff must be fully vaccinated.


If your student is not feeling well, please have them stay home and not attend their in-person music class regardless of whether they test negative for COVID.

If your student has tested positive for COVID, please have them quarantine for 6 days and test negative for COVID and are symptom-free before returning to their in-person music class. 

Free COVID-19 tests may be ordered from:

Our masking and COVID policies are evolving to coincide with the county.  Currently, no masks are required while participating in our program.


Weather permitting, we will hold classes outside at the church and will practice social distancing.

Students will use their own instruments, not share mouthpieces or drum sticks, and the teachers will have hand sanitizer available. 

Medical Record Analysis
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