Medical Record Analysis


Our goal is to keep students and staff safe, and our COVID procedures are evolving as Omicron spreads. 


All students and staff must be fully vaccinated.


If your student is not feeling well, please have them stay home and not attend their in-person music class.

If your student has tested positive for COVID, please have them quarantine for 10 days and ensure that they test negative for COVID before returning to their in-person music class. 

Free COVID-19 tests may be ordered from:


Students who do not feel well, or who have tested positive for COVID, may continue to attend scheduled Zoom classes.


All of the staff have COVID training certification from Get Safety Trained:


All students and staff are required to wear masks. For the wind players there are masks made specifically for each instrument, and they will also have to use bell covers. Masks and bell covers may be purchased at Nick Rail Music or online.


Weather permitting, we will hold classes outside at the church and will practice social distancing. 


For rainy or cold days, we planned to hold classes indoors, but we’re watching county guidelines and may have to teach remotely on Zoom for the days we cannot be outside. 


Students will use their own instruments, not share mouthpieces or drum sticks, and the teachers will have hand sanitizer available. 


There may be brief moments when teachers need to demonstrate the correct embouchure for wind instruments and will remove their mask to do so, but they will be outdoors and step back from the students and blow away from them. Teachers may also need to observe a student's embouchure to help them if they’re having difficulty producing a sound on their instrument. We will make sure that these periods without a mask are extremely brief, and that blowing will be directed away from the group.